Jim Baird Adventurer

Werner Paddles is excited to announce their inaugural canoe team athlete — Jim Baird. You may be familiar with Jim, and his brother Ted, as the season 4 winners of History Channel’s TV show Alone. The brothers spent 75 days surviving in the harsh wilderness on the north end of Vancouver Island emerging victorious as the last group standing. Jim is an expert canoeist and a bushcrafter who seeks adventure. His experiences as an adventurer have taken him on a solo trip canoeing down the Kesagami to the southern Hudson Bay area along the James Bay coast on a 33 day canoe expedition across Northern Quebec and Labrador via four rivers. He has completed a decent of the Kuujjua River in the Northwest Territories that included 120 kilometers of Arctic Ocean paddling. Baird is also the first person of record to complete a 230 mile self-propelled Arctic trek across the northern Ungava Peninsula during the winter.


Jim shared with us "I'm very excited to be joining Team Werner. As a canoeist that paddles everything from heavy rapids to long distances on remote wilderness lakes, I need paddles that offer a high level of performance but are also very dependable and Werner hand makes exactly what I need." 


With decades of experience on the water, in the R+D room and in production Werner Paddles has learned how to build beautifully balanced, light swing weight canoe paddles that do not compromise on strength. Create your paddling adventure: the steepest of creeks, the rowdiest of waves, touring with a loaded boat steady into a head wind or an afternoon on a local lake with the family; the choice is clear.

“We are thrilled that Jim is joining us as our first ever canoe team athlete. The wealth of paddling and outdoor knowledge that he brings to the team is invaluable. With the types of rugged adventures that Jim takes, we know our paddles will thrive in whatever conditions he finds himself in,” says Brooks Smothers, marketing manager.


If you would like to follow along on his adventures:


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