Introducing #Paddle4Fish - Celebrating fishing with a paddle

We are excited to kick off the 2017 kayak fishing season with the introduction of #Paddle4Fish       The hash tag will be a catch all for videos and photos posted to social media by kayak, sup, and canoe anglers who choose to chase their favorite species using a paddle, for the tradition, performance, versatility, and reliability.


Here is a look at the 4 key elements that make fishing with a paddle a great choice in itself, and also a key piece of gear not to be forgotten by those that also use peddle or motor power.


Tradition.  The Inuit people chose the stealth of kayaks as their hunting and fishing vessels thousands of years ago.  All these years later, the popularity of kayak fishing reflects their ideology.  It allows us to hold on to a simple relationship with the water. Paddling kayaks to fish also brings less complexity and expense than other means of getting on the water.  Your paddle gives you an intimate feel of the water and remains a core element of our sport.   Keep the joys of kayak fishing simple.


Below.  Circa 1975, Werner Jr. trolling off the coast of Washington, where it all started and where it still happens today.  Paddling for fish provided many of the meals the Furrer family enjoyed on their adventures.  The tradition continues on.


Peformance. Fishing shallow water plays a huge role in chasing many of the species we love to target.  No matter how shallow, weedy, rocky or muddy, your paddle will keep you moving efficiently and without obstruction.  Nothing will provide more control and confidence in wind, or power to deal with waves and the surf zone, than your paddle.


Texas pro-staff Sonny Mills has sent in more videos and photos than we can count, where his kayak, paddle, gear, even the reds themselves are covered in mud.  Whether fishing skinny water is the daily way of life, or you are following your favorite species as they move into shallow water for any number of reasons, the paddle is the go to means to get you there without obstruction.

Whether or a coastal angler, or dealing with high winds on your local lake, eventually you will be forced to deal with breaking waves.  Watch our instructional video HERE for tips to launch and land through the surf zone.  While you do, watch carefully as the paddle helps to power pro-staff Richie Bekolay through the surf as well as manuever and brace while getting both off and onto the beach.



Versatility.  Sit down or stand up, switch it up to be the most effective angler you can be.   Paddling allows for the utmost maneuverability and control.  Tight and wide turns, control and bracing, to cast to and land fish no matter the conditions or waterway.  Versatility and precision, are vital to the kayak angler.

Virginia pro-staff Rob Choi chooses to stand for sight fishing as well as enhancing his fly fishing technique.  Once looked at as a technique for the expert paddler, the latest advancement in kayak fishing boat design opens standing up to a much wider range of skill sets.  The longer lengths of the Werner Paddle's Hooked fishing paddles makes paddling from a standing position much simpler.


Reliability. Less gear and moving parts builds confidence. Trust yourself and your paddle to get you through the worst of the conditions or those long sessions when the bite just won’t stop.  Success paddling out, fishing and then returning home safe.

Long before the explosion of kayak fishing as a sport, pro-staff and legend Jim Sammons saw the benefits of a better performing paddle.  Whether on location for his program, "The Kayak Fishing Show," or at home off the Southern California coast, one thing for SURE is that the weather is unpredictable.  Paddling hard for home, dressed in foul weather gear to protect him from the cold, wind and waves, Jim appreciates the reliability of his Werner Paddle.



As winter transitions to spring and more anglers are on the water, watch for the content behind #Paddle4Fish to grow.  We intend for this imagery to both inspire and educate on the benefits of fishing with a paddle.  We also hope that you will help, as this will be a great collaboration of like-minded paddlers.  Please feel free to #Paddle4Fish to share your best paddle fishing photos, will be sure to keep an eye out for them.


Since 1965 Werner Paddles has been handcrafting our paddles in Sultan, WA USA.  Learn more about our history HERE or see the entire Hooked line of kayak fishing paddles HERE.