Find Your Zen

Paddling the Jocassee

The Zen Ensō is one or two uninhibited brushstrokes drawn in a circle that express a moment when the mind is completely free to let the body create. That feeling is similar to a day on the water stand up paddling. Using your paddle to create strokes on the water can also free the mind and allow you to let go of the daily grind. Add some exercise and a sense of calmness and you have a great benefit for your body. If you enjoy exploring lakes or slow moving streams for an hour or a day, maybe you prefer stand up yoga or a combination somewhere in the middle, then the Zen is a perfect fit. As industry innovators, Werner Paddles engineered the small fit paddle shaft. These shafts are a great choice for those paddlers with smaller hands. Finding a great fit will provide less fatigue which is paramount to the difference between a good and a great day on the water.

The Zen is available in two different blade sizes: 85 & 95 sq in. Depending on preference one of these blades will help to pull you through the water. If you are of smaller stature or prefer a higher cadence then the Zen 85 is your paddle. Conversely, if you want a more powerful catch with every stroke then the Zen 95 will match your style. The Zen 85 & 95 are available in three high visibility gradient colors: Abyss, Caribbean and Coral which are sure to pop on the water. New in 2018, Werner Paddles in excited to announce that the Zen paddles will be available with the LeverLock adjustment system. LeverLock offers up to 16” of adjustment and will fit paddlers between 5’ and 6’4”. Included in the new LeverLock, is an updated ABS grip with a more ergonomic and comfortable fit. The adjustable system is available in both the small and standard fit shafts.

Chase the sun, listen to your inner gypsy, submit to your wanderlust and go explore. The Zen paddles are an excellent choice for those long days on the water. Werner Paddles has been handcrafted since 1965 in Washington State. With over 75 people bringing each paddle to life, their attention to detail is evident in our reputation for quality and reliability. You’ll see the difference first hand and most certainly feel it with every stroke while on the water.

Check out the product pages below for more details:

Zen 85 in Coral
Zen 95 in Abyss

Zen 95 in Caribbean