The Wakimika Triangle Ancient Forest represents the largest stand of old growth Eastern Red and White Pines in the world. This forest has never been logged. It is a place of beauty and tranquility where you can walk amongst a forest of towering pines that has never been disrupted by the hands of human beings. This forest lies in the Temagami Region of Northern Ontario Canada, and due to it's remoteness and inaccessibility, it was somehow missed by the logging industry which has cut all the primordial forests of the Great Lakes watershed beginning in about 1830. Only only 1% remains. This final stand surrounding "Spirit Rock" is sacred to the indigenous Anishinaabe in addition to all who seek it's solitude and beauty. The forest was heavily threatened by logging in the 1980s but thanks to the efforts of a small group of people it was left standing. If it wasn't for them, particularly Alex Mathias (who you see in this video), it would have been cut. Never the less, the area is still under constant pressure from logging. This is why protecting this last stand for future generations to enjoy and learn from is crucial. Because the Wakimaka Triangle old Growth Forest stands as the last remaining example of a fully intact, ancient Eastern Red and White Pine forest ecosystem, studies of this forest could produce invaluable knowledge in the reforestation of thousands of acres of logged landscape. It holds significant scientific value in the present and will even more so in the future. As Henry David Thoreau said "In wilderness is the preservation of the world".

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