Watch a short video on the trip here https://vimeo.com/376907312

Photos, Video, and Words by Adam Ciuk

On November 10th, four of us decided to packraft down the Squamish River. In the crew, it was Leigh, Mark, Eduardo and me. We started the day driving up one of our local FSR's the Squamish Valley Road to the 15km (9.32 Mile) Bridge, and from there, we Inflated our Boats and walked our way down to the river, ready for adventure.

After a preliminary gear check, we jumped in and started paddling South towards our destination, the southernmost fjord in North America and one of our favorite ocean playgrounds, Howe Sound. 

The river was low, so it made for some heavy paddling.

In the winter months, Squamish is home to one of the world's largest congregations of Bald Eagles, and along the way, we spotted dozens of Eagles, hunting next to the river. Leigh was able to get right up next to one and get a good look at a respectful distance. It was breathtaking, watching them so calm as if we weren't even there.

We had the sun beaming down on us as we made our way down to the confluence of the Squamish and Cheakamus Rivers. By this point, the sun was cresting over the mountains, and we faced some fun, minor rapids that made for a speedy descent to Squamish. As we rafted through one of the best fishing locations in the area, several seals greeted each hunting for an afternoon snack. A few came out to check us out and playfully followed us downstream.

After 4 hours of paddling, the sun crept below the mountains, and we made it to our destination — 20 km (12 Miles) of paddling through our backyard playground. We couldn't have asked for a better day.

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