Fit Guide

Telling us a little bit about what you love to do on the water will help us direct you towards paddles that will perform best for your activity.

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Choose an Activity

Select how you'll be enjoying your time on the water, and we can start to narrow down to the best paddles for you.


Discovering new vantage points to view our natural surroundings leads many to the sport of kayaking. With or without the company of others, touring takes us to the places we dream to go, we need to go.

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Kayak Fishing

A great paddling paddle makes a great fishing paddle. Simply put, the best performing paddle means less fatigue, more time on the water and more fish in the boat.

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Stand Up

No matter what discipline of Stand Up Paddling you prefer, we can all agree that it's about having a great time on the water. Women and men, young and old, Stand Up Paddling is for everyone.

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For decades, our legendary bomber reputation has instilled confidence, making the most extreme rivers approachable and your local run safer and more fun. Unmatched performance, strength and fit options.

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Coastal Play

Playing along the coast, in waves, rock gardens or caves constitutes coastal play. Whether on lakes or the sea, this progressive performance based style of paddling, needs a perfect paddle fit.

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